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Posted on May 31 2013

Inspired by Southeast Asian culture, Haati Chai offers a variety of headpieces in many styles. Light weight and versatile, our headpieces can been worn on the beach or on the read carpet. They are the perfect statements that add a piece of India to a modern look.

Head designer and CEO Stella Simona wears the Phota Headpiece. Its lightweight tassel adds a bit of playful flirtiness to your look.

Team member Yevy Yelkina wears the Niyati Headpiece, which can be worn with hair down or with an up-do. The extra looped chain frames a ponytail or even tossled bun, transforming you into an Indian goddess. 

The Rupal Headpiece, as seen on stylist Sarah Toshiko, can be worn several ways. The charms can be placed over the forehead or placed to dangle over your gorgeous locks on the back of your head. 

The Phota Headpiece, as seen on Lady Victoria Hervey on the Red Carpet at the Opening Ceremony and premiere of 'The Great Gatsby,' during the 66th AnnualCannes Film Festival.

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Photos courtesy HaatiChai.com & Yevgeniya Yelkina

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