My necklace broke, can I return it to get fixed?

HAATI CHAI is happy to fix any broken jewelry. Seeing as each piece is handmade and quite delicate, these things happen. All you pay for is the shipping there, and the jewelry will be fixed and shipped back to you at no additional cost.


The jewelry I bought looks different in the image, why is that?
All our pieces are handmade with natural crystals and elements, each piece may vary. The size and shape may vary, but the overall look and feel will still be intact. 


What is this jewelry made of and will I be allergic to it?

Most of our jewelry is made from brass, steel, recycled aluminum, a lot of pieces are plated with gold or silver. These metals are nickel-free and hypo-allergenic for most people, unless you have an extreme allergy and can only wear solid gold. As a general rule of thumb, avoid wearing your jewelery in the shower, when sleeping and when exercising. Depending on your skin’s makeup, brass jewelery may either brighten or acquire a darker, antique patina with repeated wear. While we love the way this looks, you may not. To restore to a brand-new shiny luster, use a commercial brass cleaner like “Brasso”, which is available at many hardware stores. Or you can use toothpaste and an old toothbrush, which will often work. Another old-fashioned trick  is to cover the brass with ketchup, wait a few minutes, and then rinse it off. The acid and sugar in the ketchup work to de-tarnish the metal. Just make sure that upon rinsing your brass with water, you dry the piece well to avoid any moisture that can work to tarnish the metal all over again.

Does HAATI CHAI do custom requests?
Yes we do custom work.  Please send contact us at info@haatichai.com with your request.