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Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am an abstract and figurative artist and momma to an adorable six year old girl.  I have painted most of my life, but professionally for about seven years.


Describe a typical day in your life?
A typical day usually starts at 6 am getting my daughter ready for school.  I put her on the bus and go to some type of workout (usually pilates). I come home, make coffee and begin my work day which consists of client meetings (either in studio or visiting potential spaces for installs), painting/working on commissions and answering emails.  My assistant Arianne and I run through the tasks of the day and she is in charge of all things behind the scenes.


How do you seek inspiration for your art?
Inspiration usually come with timing of things and is mostly random.  I could be painting on the floor and see two colors that dripped next to each other that are complementary and decide they need to be the next focus of a new piece.  I see most of the world broken down into shapes so I can usually find a good composition anywhere. Even in a pile of stuff. I am also constantly inspired by fashion and my travels.


As an artist who has a much larger medium, how important is it to you to create a piece the individual can keep forever?  
It is very important to me that my clients consider pieces they collect from me something they will cherish forever.  Many collectors will say to me, "this is my first REAL piece of art". That always makes me feel so good that my work is perceived as having value at this point in my career.


What are your earliest memories of jewelry in your life?
I have amazing memories of jewelry early in my life.  When I was about five years old my great grandmother gave me a jewelry box full of costume jewelry from the 50's, 60's and 70's.  Probably full of pieces I would wear today. I took it everywhere with me and left it at a hotel on a family road trip. I think I have had PTSD ever since because I am a freak about putting my jewelry in a "good place" when and if I take if off at night.


What are some of your daily rituals?
I am really into fitness and workout everyday.  It keeps me centered, balanced and ready to tackle challenges.  I'm also really strict about having my coffee first thing when I wake up.  Sometimes I'm excited to go to sleep at night in anticipation of getting to have that cup in the morning.  Spoken like a true caffeine addict. Haha.



How does jewelry impact you — emotionally, personally or professionally?When I wear jewelry it makes me feel feminine and sexy.  It's that little gleam that adds to your own sparkle and people notice it.  


Can you share any pieces of jewelry you own that means something special to you?
I have a ring that I was gifted right after the birth of my daughter.  It's a symbol of the past and reminder of the day this perfect little human came into my world.  I'm going to give it to Vivienne with she turns 18.


What has art taught you that you want others to learn from it as well?
Art can be really intimidating to people and cause them to focus on not understanding it. I encourage others to try not to pick it apart. Just let it be. It's going to cause one to have an emotion of some sort and it's ok if its not always positive one. That’s the beauty of it.


Is any of your jewelry sentimental or passed down to you? Can you tell me about any pieces of jewelry you own that mean something special to you?
Yes! I have this platinum art deco style dome ring covered in tiny diamonds that was passed down to me from my grandmother.  She was a very fancy, decorated woman. I like to wear it with really casual outfits. It’s a nice balance.

Photography by @carmynrio


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