Our Story

Haati Chai is an assortment of essential and wearable staples for the effortless woman.
The line focuses on pieces that blend the idea of intricate and edge with contemporary trends. Haati Chai is particularly known for its take on body jewelry and has become one of the go-to lines for body jewelry.
 "I wanted to provide a medium for women to explore their sensuality and self through hints of old world inspirations translated for everyday wear."
The collection is defined by designer Stella Simona’s signature “Subtle and  sexy with a touch of bold” And polished with designer Ali Heiss’ modern meets casual aesthetic.
Haati Chai emerged in 2011 by designers Ali Heiss and Stella Simona
Both co design for the sister label, Amarilo Jewelry.
Visit the flagship at 177 W. Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90015