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Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I live and work in Los Angeles with my husband and dog-son where I design modern minimalist clothing and I have an online shop for likeminded women. I also blog about my minimalist lifestyle and feature personal style and how to curate a closet you love.

What does a day in the life look like for you Natalie?
As a new small business owner, my days are pretty busy but never the same. Sometimes I wake up early, some days I wake up late. Since I have an online shop as well as a style blog, I am always shooting some type of new product or content.  So we shoot daily, about 3 times a week. I am currently still hand making all of my orders so I sew for about 6 hours a day. Other than that, any day of the week, you'll find me visiting any one of my wholesalers in a warehouse somewhere deep in the garment district, lol.

What inspires you and your brand?
Simplicity, art, beauty and function all as a whole has always been a constant inspiration. Art, in all of its many forms, like a visit to a museum, or flipping through a Vogue magazine. My need for simplicity runs deep in my bones - everything has to be effortless and simple so when designing, I'm always asking myself, 'but can it be simpler?' and also, 'will she feel effortless when she wears this?'


Who does all your creative direction and photography? You, we assume? Tell me how you get the perfect IG image?
My photography is all done by my talented husband who is a lifestyle photographer. He even takes my phone pictures. I am terrible at on-the-go selfies and taking photos with my phone - and I have no patience for it! So you'll rarely find an IG photo not taken from an actual camera. We have so many photo shoots for my blog and shop, I have stock photos for days so I use those photos for IG as well.

You have a lot of interaction and feedback from the community you've built around your brand. How does this affect your designs?
I definitely listen to my shoppers and followers on what they like and the types of things they like to wear - like offering more colors even though I don't wear color at all.  I do it for them because I know other women love to wear color. Or designing a sexy dress, even though I wouldn't personally wear it. I know others will enjoy it. But for the most part, I really only design and sell what I like and what resonates with me.  The followers I have are there because of my unique style and aesthetic - my designs are typically not affected by outside opinion or feedback.


How important do you feel it is to have a visually cohesive brand?
It's definitely integral to the marketability of your business. If you're brand is not visually cohesive, it can't be a brand. That's like a sports team that plays without uniforms. Who do they represent?



What  are your favorite pieces from your shop currently or from all time?
My all-time favorite piece is The Tourist tunic! I wear it daily. It's fabulously effortless and goes with everything from jeans to skirts to harem pants. My favorite new piece from my current Spring collection is The Novelist wrap top. It's so elegant and is beginning to be my new go-to top.

What are your favorite pieces in our latest collection for Haati Chai?
I absolutely love the Sai Earrings.  They're go-to daily studs to wear daily but they're also statement pieces, which falls in line with my designs.  My favorite pieces from the Anowara Collection are first, the Maya Earrings - absolutely stunning. They are showstoppers for sure. And I really enjoy wearing the Bihar Signet Ring.  It's handsome, simple and surprisingly makes a statement without being huge.



Any advice for women who are starting their own business?
Go slowly, start super small and navigate organically - you don't have to have a full plan or have the full vision, just a good work ethic and the ability to adapt with change.  Oh, and get an accountant!!!!

What is next for the brand?
Hiring help. More interestingly though, I've been planning to release a basics line of fine tees, tops and dresses for everyday.  It's actually how I started building my own closet so I want to share that element with my followers.

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