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Inspirations: Embrace nature and explore new interests.

  • Travel. Take the opportunity to explore outside of your normal everyday environment. From trips that require a plane flight or one that may be just a short drive away, experiencing a new place can bring new insight and inspiration.

  • Nature. Intentionally spend time in nature and embrace as much greenery as you can this season. Fresh air is the perfect refresh. Spend time in the sunshine mindfully soaking up the oxygen. Green keeps you happy, even just 15 minutes in nature a day can contribute to a happier disposition.

  • Romance. Indulge in romance with yourself by practicing self care. Get in touch with yourself and find what self care means to you. Treat yourself to a massage, take a candlelit yoga class, or spend a day lying in bed reading your favorite book.

  • Eat Outside. Bring your meals outside for that true summer ambiance. Host dinner on a patio or backyard with string lights illuminating and let the summer air set the mood. Take your lunch break to a nearby park with a picnic blanket and your favorite music. This season is all about making every minute count.


Color Palette:

Keep your summer palette timeless by balancing neutrals with pops of emotion-evoking colors: periwinkle, red, saffron, sage, emerald, coral.

Wardrobe Essentials:

The Haati Chai women is a collector of pieces that effortlessly transition through the years and into every season. With the weather getting warmer, keep the classics and breath new life to your well-loved wardrobe by drawing attention to the beautiful areas of a woman’s body - your skin in general, collarbone, back, legs, and cleavage.

  • Swimsuits. Try a one piece or two piece swimsuit in and out of the water. Embrace the season by styling with bottoms and flowy skirts.

  • Wrap Tops. A nice silhouette to draw attention to the bust. Pair them with pretty neck stacks or  body jewelry.

  • High Waisted Wide Leg Bottoms. An unexpected piece to bring with you into the season. Style with a cute wrap top or over a one piece swimsuit for an easy outfit that will turn heads.

  • Wrap Skirts and Maxi Dresses. Something flowy and beautiful to pair with anklets and a chic pair of sandals for those hot summer days that you never want to end.

  • Towel Wraps. The perfect pairing with hoop earrings that exudes the essence of summer.

  • Back Exposing Tops and Dresses. We love how they look with a slinky body chain.


Makeup/ Beauty Essentials:

  • Always have the one beauty essential on hand that should not be forgotten - sunscreen.

  • Oils to keep that skin hydrated and glowing in the sun.

  • Stay hydrated, drinks tons of water.

  • Highlighter to give the look of natural dewy skin.



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