The Haati Chai Shavar Collection is an intoxicating fusion of luxurious elegance and delicious allurement. Named after the building in Bangladesh that collasped earlier this year,  FW2013 pays homage to the individuals lost in this unfortunate tragedy, dedicated to celebrating their lives. 
Each piece holds within it memories, emotions, and reflections of our past. We celebrate the symbiotic relationship between jewelry and its wearer.  Sensuality meets edge and beauty. She's alluring, she's enticing.  As years pass she will infuse her own experiences, values, and emotions into her ornaments. We celebrate individuality. We celebrate empowerment. We celebrate women. 
....This collection is "shavar." This collection is ours. 
If you are a boutique that would like to carry Haati Chai, email yevy.haatichai@gmail.com

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