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Designer Alana of Orseund Iris - A Non-seasonal label based in New York.

Tell us about how you got started as a designer and what led you to creating Orseund Iris?
An overarching feeling that any other path that I took wouldn't be right for me. I wasn’t able to let this go. That and the fact that I constantly found myself with this burning desire to create new pieces and the need for them to come to life in order to stay sane. A combination of these feelings and the fact that I was so in
denial in terms of looking for a full time job elsewhere is what finally made me dive into building Orseund Iris.


What is your vision for the brand and where do you pull inspiration from?
The vision for the brand is to create a nonseasonal line that focuses on an edited curation of styles that speak a feminine, bold and playful language. The vision is to drop new styles monthly with an offering of luxury pieces as well as styles at a lower price point. The vision is to create clothing that women feel beautiful in.

What's your design process like?
The design process is a bit different for me as I don’t put a pen to paper until after I’ve designed it in my head. I like to envision the feeling of it, how it makes you feel when you wear it, the song the women’s swaying to when she’s wearing it. I love the narrative. From there, it's a quick sketch and then a mock up of a first sewn sample. Finally, I test it out for a drive.















You produce pieces one-by-one rather than as a collection, tell us more about that.
I love the idea of honing in on each specific piece. Focusing on style by style, so thoughtfully that it hurts! That way each design is completely understood and designed to the best of my ability. A big part of this process is testing the initial prototype and getting as much feedback as I can from people I trust.

What's your most popular design?
For sure, the Off Shoulder Knit - the ribbed knit with the under bra wire. Originally, I designed it for me
with no one else in mind. I just had to make it. I had no idea the gravitational pull people would have towards it. I think it’s because the style accentuates the bust in an unexpected sultry and subtle way.





What's been your favorite moment as a designer?
I would say having women wearing my designs. I absolutely love hearing the way Orseund Iris makes someone feel. That has a lasting impact on me.

What do you think the key is to creating a cohesive look between an outfit and the jewelry?
The idea is to pay attention to the way the pieces fall. I like the look to compliment each other without one overshadowing the other. Layering is something I love to do. Our Silk Set, would look ideal layered with the Alessandra Chain.




Any tips for new designers looking to start their own line?
1) Go with your gut. Always. 2) Be decisive, this will help you make the right decisions. 3) Feedback is your friend. Listen to it.

What's in the works for Orseund Iris?
Within the year, we hope to consistently drop at least one new style a month. Launch a newsletter that will be curating music, muses, inspiration, etc. Rolling out some events in NYC for people to come try on IRL.

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