Lovers & Friends

How did you two ladies meet?
Angela We met at work, we were both hired around the same time. What's even crazier is that we both turned down another job at the same company so we would have been partners at either company!
Kendra: Match made in heaven
How would your partner describe you?
Kendra: Angela is quiet until she's comfortable with you, then she's a whole different person. She's fun and adventurous and laughs at everything. She also has the most insane skin care knowledge.
Angela: Kendra is fun, full of life, creative and has a sense of humor that can make the whole room laugh.
Tell us both your rolls in your companies.
Angela: We are co-designers for Lovers and Friends. What's cool about our company is that we get to be a part of the entire process. Along with our team we see the clothes come from an inspiring magazine tear to presenting the final collection to buyers.
Kendra: We get to make our own prints, develop embroideries, choose cool new knitting, dying and construction techniques. A designers dream to be able to get our hands dirty in everything.
How did you develop your brand's aesthetic and how does it differ from your personal style?, how is it influenced by your personal style?
Angela: The brand had a super strong identity when we came on. Lovers and Friends is the essential LA girl. Work all day, play all night.
Kendra: She's a mix between someone whose laid back, California cool but who loves to go out with her friends at night. I'm more of the laid back girl and Angela is more of the night explorer so designing together is great. We both bring different things to the table.
What are your views on partnerships? Woman owned businesses?
Angela: We love working together. We pick up the pieces when the other one is down. We completely understand each others strengths and weaknesses. Women are so powerful and passionate.
Kendra: Some of the most inspiring people we know are the woman bosses within our own company. We are all completely different people yet we all want to strive to achieve the same goals. Its amazing to be able to be inspired by the woman we get to interact with everyday. Our whole team consists of women (and a few awesome guys!) and we love celebrating our wins together.
IF there are any questions you would want someone to ask you what would they be and what would your answers be?
Kendra: I think that we are both super fortunate to be where we are but we also put a ton of work into it, as well as knowing we have to much work ahead. I think if someone were to ask us if we had any advice to give them for a future fashion career, it would be: work hard, be nice to others! and know that there is always competition to take your place. If you want to be a boss, you have to put in all of the work along the way.
Do you have any advice for up and coming designers, entrepreneurs?
Angela: Put in the extra hours, be inspired by everything around you and create a good team to be surrounded by. If you put your heart into you can do anything.
What has been your favorite collection/s thus far?
Angela: We both really love our Holiday 2017 collection. We wanted to experiment with different textures, colors and shapes. The super deep jewel tones mixed with the flirty style of the Lovers and Friends girl really inspired us.
What are your tips for creating the perfect jewelry look with your pieces from your line?
Kendra: I never ever take off my essential, everyday pieces (my gold rings, all gold hoop earrings and my layered gold necklaces). I wear the more chill laid back pieces from our line and they really add another level and elevate my everyday look.
Angela: Jewelry is as important as the clothes to complete the look. I’m more into dainty jewelry, so layering  necklaces on a deep v neckline or a printed blouse with some hoops to give it some sass. Especially in gold and the way it gives any of the pieces a little more sparkle is never wrong in my book. 
Any exciting project coming up that you'd like to share with our readers?
Kendra: We're really excited to deliver exclusive styles for Revolve right now. We're moving at a super fast pace hoping to deliver pieces that GIRLS WANT NOW!
Angela: Moving forward we’re really focusing on hitting the trends and allowing our customers to have access to it faster. The approach of see it now and buy it now is super exciting. It allows us to be even more inspired and excited to pump out great items for our Lovers and Friends girl.