Quinton Mulvey

Quinton is a creative consultant and event producer based between New York City and Los Angeles. He is a passionate entrepreneur focused on the intersection of elevated aesthetics, community building, and sustainable values. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Quinton Mulvey. I’m a 23-year-old creative consultant and event producer based between Los Angeles and New York City. I’m currently in a very public pursuit of happiness (in any form) and a greater understanding of the world.  
3 words to describe Quinton?
I’d like to think my style is clean, my ethos is conscious, my personality is provocative.


What does a day in the life look for you?
I’m fortunate at this stage of my life to be mobile. Starting a freelance business allows me to explore new spaces everyday. Most days, however, include a text from my mother and an iced Americano. 


What do you do in your spare time?
I spend a lot of time with the people I love. Though I require some alone time to recharge, I cultivate a lot of energy from others. When I have free time, I’m usually inviting friends over for dinner, collaborating with people who inspire me or meeting someone new for a glass of wine. And I love visiting the Korean spa.


3 things you cannot live without?
Regime des Fleurs Falling Trees scent, a simple hoop, vacation


Your life motto?
Somewhere between c’est la vie and Solange’s recent token of wisdom: “nothing without intention.” 


How does fashion, art, and jewelry impact you — emotionally, personally, and professionally?
Fashion, art and jewelry play a huge part in the way I see myself. I have been fortunate enough to feel comfortable utilizing my visual identity as a means to express my personality. As a queer person, I understand the power of semiotics as being a crucial part in establishing our place in society. I hope that I can encourage others to find freedom and find themselves through these the art forms that have been such a privilege to experience, myself.




You have a very distinct style. What inspires your images?
Intimacy. Vulnerability. Classical forms reinterpreted. Pleasure. 


We love your aesthetic that is encapsulated in your feed, how you dress, and the overall composure of your imagery. How do you seek inspiration for all of these elements? What is your process like?

Thank you! Visual research is a very intuitive process for me. When I enter someone’s home, I often ask about their book collection and I’ll photograph what speaks to me. I’m constantly collecting an archive of images from the internet and find prints at thrift shops. I recently purchased a photograph labeled “1964” of a couple, fully clothed in white, kissing in the shower. I want to achieve this look so badly. 



You’re sensual and masculine while being very comfortable in your own skin. What are three tips you can share with someone who is looking to get in touch with themselves?

Communicate with yourself. I believe comfort is internal, not circumstantial. We cannot effectively advocate for ourselves without being honest and vulnerable first. I find writing about my feelings, meditating on my goals and creating little mantras to be very helpful. 

Be mindful of who you surround yourself with and how you allocate your energy. I’m thankful to have built a support system of creative and productive people that not only celebrate my world but challenge me to build upon it further. 

Get naked more often. We have so many societal hang-ups about bodies and nudity that are so easy to internalize. I believe there is a lot of progress in sitting with yourself or with someone you love and baring your body. 


What are some of your daily rituals?
Skincare and grooming are daily rituals for me. I tend to rise early so that I don’t have to rush this very personal time in the morning. I also try to make time to write something every day. Whether it’s a fleeting thought in my note’s app or in my bedside journal, I find documenting my experiences to be very therapeutic and helpful when reflecting. 


Who/what do you look for fashion inspiration? 
I look for personal style inspiration from mid-century to 90’s celebrities, as well as the wardrobes of respected artists and writers. Samuel Beckett and Georgia O’Keefe are two examples.  I’m also inspired by vintage sportswear. Though I’m often subject to the modern fashion industry, my approach is always rooted in the past. 


 Which three Instagrams are must-follows? 


What is one piece of advice you always carry with you?
Thoughts become things, so choose the good ones. (From my mother)


Anything you would like to share with us that we didn't ask?
Every day, I work on being more present within myself as well as my community in the physical world. I, like most of us, find myself subconsciously comparing my worth and appearance to people on Instagram and the way they present their lives. I think it is more important to identify our motivations for logging on and to focus on the elements of these platforms that actually better our lives, our careers, and our outlook. Eliminate anything that doesn’t make you feel good, even if you feel obligated to follow. You’ll be doing yourself and the greater culture a favor.



Photography by @__carolyne__

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