Haati Chai's Turns 7

 Piece in Image  Pari Earrings

Piece in Image Pari Earrings


Haati Chai’s 7th year is a very special year for me for various reasons - not only did I turn 30 but I also booked a handful of projects as a designer and influencer that I wouldn’t have even imagined being apart of so early in my career.  It’s even crazier to think it’s only March.

A very important practice in my life has been to reward myself with a keepsake memento to mark my personal milestones.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the chaos of daily life and lose touch with the moments and memories that remind us why life is so beautiful.  For this reason, this ongoing ritual has brought me great happiness.

The first time I wore a pair of earrings similar to these was when I was 12.  I was visiting my grandmother for the weekend and I remember her handing me this stunning pair of gold statement earrings to wear to a family function she was hosting at her home that weekend.  She handed me a pair that resembled our Pari Earrings while she opted to wear a pair resembling the Sai Earrings.  At the age of 12, I had this moment of overwhelming excitement as I looked at myself in the mirror wearing these beautiful earrings. It was this struggle of wanting to express the bubbling excitement I was feeling while also trying to remain composed on the exterior to match the regalness that overcame me at the same time.  This particular evening in my life I learned a new element in accessorizing -- the right statement piece highlights your beauty and exposes something vulnerable and real about oneself -- your personality/individuality.

With all that has happened, and all that is to come, I want to take this anniversary to pay tribute to the initial designs that were some of my earliest inspirations, my first loves.  My dream was to create a line that consisted of one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable treasures and heirlooms just like the pieces collected for me from my grandmother, Annie. I want to celebrate my grandmother and how she has inspired me.. I hope Haati Chai brings the same joy and happiness to you as it has for me. Thank you for being apart of our journey.

Style them how you want. These styles of earrings are designed to be apart of your journey -- whether you want to dress them down and wear them with a button down linen shirt, a pair of jeans, and casual makeup to wear on a casual lunch meeting with friends or dress up with a chic silk dress, slicked hair, and dramatic makeup on an intimate dinner date. Keep an eye out on my personal social channels and Haati Chai's social channels for more ideas on how to style these beauties.



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