For those of you who are newly tuning in: i’m Stella and my (business) partner is Ali - together we own Amarilo and Haati Chai.

A little background on us -- Ali as you know is the founder of Amarilo and I am the founder of Haati Chai. Three years into the growth of our businesses we decided to become business wives, making the brands both sister lines. It was one of the best riskiest but smartest business decisions we have ever made. In future posts I will be sharing more insight on our partnership as well as answering any other questions you guys may have for us.

Our businesses grew more rapidly than either of us initially anticipated. We are still startups for several reasons. Establishing our core structure has always been priority. We constantly found ourselves trying to keep up with many internal structure related demands such as hiring, training and production with limited time towards further developing the story of our brands. Some brands place emphasis on this in the reversed manner however we felt it was extremely important to ensure that our current customers were content with details such as our product quality and customer service and that starts with your core team.

Amarilo and Haati Chai are a true reflection of ourselves - you'll find traces of where we have been, what we feel, who we are and where we are going -- we have always been conscious of that. As of this year we have placed much emphasis towards exactly that - making it our mission to portray our sister lines with a more intimate approach.

At six years we underwent what is called a partial rebrand. Both businesses were well established however needed a refresh on identity. Our choice to rebrand was not due to a drop in sales, or to just gain more buzz. Our decision was to create a comprehensive marketing campaign tied to business and personal goals which will create more brand awareness.



  shirts by  Never Fully Dressed

shirts by Never Fully Dressed



And our journey has just began. Allow us to re-introduce ourselves. I am Stella, and this is my partner Ali. We are two minority women under 30 with a vision larger than ourselves.

We want to continue to encourage and empower despite racial sexist, class, and cultural differences, and grow one step closer to our main goal, which is to ultimately own our own animal sanctuary - and we plan to keep you in the loop throughout the whole process.

Through our iconic brands we hope to connect with each of you on a bigger purpose.




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